Doctor Who,Sherlock, Hannibal and too much more

yaay that’s good news! and don’t worry i won’t. i’m stalking a friend’s spn-tag and there are still sooo many pages left *hehehe* the spam will continue! and i read your tag, it’s good to know i can count on you when i need help burying a body :)

Yeeey! It makes me happy :) I already forgot how great the show actually is. And I’m gonna stalk your blog tomorrow when I don’t have Uni. It just doesn’t make sense while you still are reblogging things :( but don’t stop.

So *cough* feel free to kill whoever you like. I always wanted to hide a body *cough*

good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck that it happens!

anything can happen if we just keep believing! (but it looks good right now! asdfghjlllsfsdf!!!)

and don’t stop reblogging spn, I really love all you posts!

It seems I don’t have Uni, tomorrow???? Please let it be! Please please please! I’m so done with this. After only a week. 


bill clinton believes in aliens and he was the president of the united states so he knows something